History of Lansing Iowa

Lansing Iowa was founded because of its potential as a shipping hub being of a great location along the Mississippi River.

Enjoy this video about lansing Iowa, found at MyLansingIowa.com.

William Garrison was the first settler to inhabit his land claim in 1848. His land claim was 14,000 acres a very large portion of land especially in todays market! View the available property at Eagle Ridge Country & Riverview Estates.


Lansing started to grow as a shipping port. Grain, passengers, supplies and other commodities traveled up and down the Mississippi River and Lansing had its share of grain and supplies coming in and out of port. Lumber also was pushed down the Mississippi River, as lumber was cleared around Iowa and Wisconsin to make way for farming and the countryside as you see it today in rural Allamakee County. Find out more about the history of Allamakee County at the Allamakee County Historical Society.

In 1849 a post office was established and Garrison became its first postmaster.

Lansing Iowa was eventually incorporated as a town in 1864 and as a city in 1867. Find more information about the history of Lansing Iowa at LansingIowa.com or through Wikipedia.org.

View pictures of the Mississippi River and the Lansing Iowa Bridge from Eagle Ridge Country & Riverview Estates.