Property for Sale

Eagle Ridge Land Company is pleased to announce the addition of 12 new lots at our Eagle Ridge Country and Riverview Estates, at Lansing Iowa. These lots offer a variety of Riverviews and Valley Views to for new homowners to enjoy. All lots are available with water, provided via community well and electricity.

Select an available lot on the map for a full profile with beautiful views!

Disclaimer: “Plat overlay on aerial photo, note while we believe the accuracy of the overlay we cannot guarantee it, please see registered plat for actual property boundaries.”


Eagle Ridge Phase 1

Lot 2 $149k – 4.04 acres (pond)

Lot 3 (SOLD)– 4.25 acres

Lot 4(SALE PENDING) – 4 acres

Lot 5 (*) $125k – 3.61 acres

Lot 6 (SOLD) 3.22 acres

Lot 7 $89k – 3.4 acres

Lot 8 $139k – 4.36 acres

Lot 9 $129k – 3.78 acres

Lot 10 (SOLD) – 3.57 acres (pond)

Eagle Ridge Phase 2

Lot 1 – House and Lot SOLD– 5.56 acres

Lot 2SOLD – 4.35 acres

Lot 3 SOLD– 3.83 acres

Lot 4(SOLD) – 4.09 acres

Lot 5 (SOLD) – 3.70 acres

Lot 6(SOLD) – 3.34 acres

Lot 7(SOLD)– 3.35 acres

Lot 8 $59k – 3.54 acres

Lot 9(SOLD) – 3.64 acres

Lot 10(SOLD)– 3.65 acres

Lot 11 (SOLD)– 3.38 acres

Lot 12 (SOLD)– 3.71 acres

* Lot 5 of phase 1 is for sale with home site location conditions

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Contact Scott Berg at 563-568-9076 for more information or by email or facebook.

Click here for a contour plat map of the lots available for sale at Eagle Ridge.

For directions to Eagle Ridge Country & Riverview Estates near Lansing Iowa, click here.